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Logs On The Ground After Maple Tree Removed


A close up of a Carlton 7150

Sam's Services is a provider of clear landscaping palettes. Our art is taking an untamed lot of land and transforming the landscape so it works for your needs. By taming the land and making it more manageable, it gives you the ability to accomplish whatever it is you want or need to do on it.

When we hand the land over to you, you'll have free reign to complete whatever project it is you intended or dreamed about. We'll hand you the smock and grant you the ability to be the artist of that landscape. The landscape will be clear and open for your use. You can build a home, an addition, or the outdoor landscape of your dreams.

We hope to help you make those dreams come true. We are fully insured and licensed through the Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC).


Sam Crowder on a job site operating his remote controlled Carlton stump grinder

In 1980 Sam Crowder founded Sam's Services. Sam was a teacher for Anne Arundel County Public Schools at the time and he was used to hard work, both in the classroom and out. In the decade prior, Sam had spent much of his free-time helping his father and brother with their family grass cutting business. That business provided services throughout Anne Arundel County and serviced many of the county's recreational landmarks.

When Sam branched out on his own and started Sam's Services, he intended to expand his service offerings. That's when Sam began bush hogging, lot clearing, and stump grinding. With the expansion of those service offerings, Sam's Services also continued to expand it's commercial and residential clientele. Sam developed a sound customer base throughout the greater Baltimore and Washington Metropolitan area.

In 1993 Sam began devoting a lot more time and energy into developing the tree stump grinding side of the business. In his pursuit to provide the best service possible, Sam found a true passion for stump grinding. Since that time, Sam has continued to develop his skills and has become one of the most sought after specialist in Maryland.

Fast forward to the present. Sam has accumulated an impressive 40 years of experience, an extensive portfolio of work, and some of the best equipment in the business. His skills, knowledge, and service remain unmatched and he would like nothing more than to put them to work for you.

Proud Owner of Sam's Services

Sam Crowder's face looking through the cage of the bobcat he's operating

Sam Crowder is the founder of Sam's Services. Sam has been grinding stumps for more than 26 years. His life has been one of commitment to his craft and to educating those around him. His pursuits have always been aimed at enriching others and bettering the lives of anyone around him.

Prior to running Sam's Services on a full-time basis, Sam was employed as a Technology Education teacher in Anne Arundel County, MD. Throughout his career - which spanned over thirty years! - he taught young men and women how to safely operate shop equipment and how to create things they could be proud of.

In 2011 Sam retired from teaching, but his instruction didn't stop there. Instead of being indoors, standing in front of a class, you can now find Sam out in the field. There he is still imparting his knowledge. This time the focus of his instruction is on teaching people about heavy equipment operation and the best way to grind stumps.

Sam's good nature, optimism, and can do attitude endear him to those he meets. His skill, knowledge, and commitment to his craft have earned him the nickname, The Stumpologist.

The Crew

Sam's Service Crew Member Laying Across a Large Maple Stump Our crew... what more can we say. We are family. Our crew is a compilation of fantastic fun loving, easy going personalities. We work hard, are superb machine operators, and have a lot of fun doing the work that we do. We are privileged to be part of such a professional and enjoyable crew.

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