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 Providing  maintenance for esthetic landscapes for residential and commercial sites has been a hallmark of the founder and owner of Sam' Services since the early 1970's. 'Sam's Services,LLC is fully insured, and licensed through the Maryland Home Improvement Commission. Initially started as a family owned business, Sam, his father and brother provided grass cutting services throughout Anne Arundel county for many of the countys recreational landmarks.Later in 1980, Sam established Sam's Services which continued to grow establishing a sound residential and commercial client base throughout the greater Baltimore and Washington Metropolitan area
      Sam' Services expanded its services to include bush hogging, lot clearing and stump grinding. In 1993, he developed a specialization in tree stump grinding. Sam's Services can address any challenge a tree stump can present including extremely large stumps stumps with difficult access or deep and sprawling roots.
      Sam's Services utilizes the latest technology including  a Carlton 7015 72 hp diesel power grinder for grinding  stumps. During enclimate weather, Sam's Services provides snow removal for large or small lots.
      Sam's Services offers a personal 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for all work performed. He will ensure all surrounding landscape is maintained and preserved during the process.Sam takes pride in ensuring each customer is fully satisfied with all services.
       Sam has  resided in Anne Arundel county for over 58 years and has been married 42 years. He has two adult children and five grand children.  He is a retired Technology Education       (old school shop teacher) teacher.He taught with Anne Arundel County Public Schools for 37 years and maintains his volunteer status with numerous community organizations.